Nearly every element of the farm supply chain has seen efficiency gains, from machines which measure grass, to automatic tracking of milk production, and optimised milk pick up times. But the big gains we see in the future will come from the largest area of cost; improving the efficiency and wellbeing of our workforce. We want to disrupt existing farm practice and kick start a transition to precision people & task management. It's time to clean out the tool shed, and roll in Job Done.

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JobDone will engage and empower your people to contribute to the success of the farm.


JobDone will set expectations, measure against them and improve productivity on farm in a way that has never been possible before


JobDone provides tools to assist with H&S and labour compliance requirements

Anywhere, Anytime, Anyone and Any Device

JobDone is online and you can log in from any modern device. All roles on the farm - Owners, Managers, Supervisors, Workers, Contractors, Advisors and Visitors will benefit from using JobDone. The Administration portal provides rich information via a colourful dashboard complete with workfolders and graphs. Managers can control what needs to be done, who should do it and when. The Mobile portal allows workers a simple, easy to use tool on their smartphone that provides everything they require to check in & out, complete their day to day tasks safely and communicate with team members.


Sign In/Out Safety Check

Staff, Contractors & Visitors can sign in and be briefed with safety information. See who is On Farm at any time and ensure they have left safely when expected

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Health & Safety

Policy, Procedures, Documents and Maps can all be stored and accessed. H&S issues, incidents and Hazards can all be managed also.

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Now everyone has access to a noticeboard which can include images, video links and any message that is of interest to those on the farm.

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Job Planning

Use our pre-built or create your own reusable job templates to plan upcoming work. They can be simple or detailed and hold as much info as your staff need to get the JobDone.

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Job Scheduling

Assign work to staff when you need it done or even set recurring tasks which auto-create and assign themselves based on your daily, weekly, monthly or annual schedule.

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Job Details

Each job can have specific steps you want followed and staff can respond accordingly. Time can be recorded against estimated to encourage continual improvement.

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Keeps everyone up to speed of what work is being assigned, started, running late or completed. Email escalations can ensure no job gets forgotten.

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There are a stack of reports available which can be customised based on selecting filters such as job, assignee, date range, type of work, status or priority. Reports/jobs can be exported for emailing or printing.

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Timesheets can be created and filled in daily simply by pushing a button when you start work, take a break or finish for the day. Once submitted to the Manager and approved they can be exported to your payroll system.

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JOBDONE Wins Activate Challenge

8th August 2016

Fonterra is pushing on with a business relationship with digital innovation start-up company JobDone after they won an idea pitch yesterday at GridAKL, in Auckland's innovation precinct.

JOBDONE in the

24th July 2016

The New Zealand economy is dominated by small firms, and the Business Herald is putting the spotlight on some of them in a new regular feature.
Today: JobDone wants to make life easier for farmers.

JOBDONE featured in NZ Business

20th July 2016

The need to improve compliance, optimise staff management and streamline farming costs has prompted a new technology start-up to address productivity issues that cost the primary sector in excess of $500 million per year.

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