JobDone is a farm management solution that focusses on people, the work they do, how to keep them safe, productive and effective team members. It also becomes the complete manual and record keeping system for the farm.

Although originally the brainchild of a dairy farmer who was struggling with growth on his farm, JobDone has been designed to be an effective farm management tool for all agricultural industries.

Apart from task specific activity most agricultural businesses have the same needs with regard to managing people, compliance requirements, record keeping and continually improving methods to become more productive.

We created JobDone as a framework to manage all these elements however we do not prescribe exactly how you should run your business. We have made our technology adaptive so you can easily set up the type of tasks that align with your processes.

JobDone comes with a set of pre-built job templates that have been designed by dairy farmers. We are also in the process of creating job templates for other farm types. We expect in the near future farmers will sign up for JobDone and select their industry from a drop-list which will then configure their farm with appropriate tasks for their selected industry. If any proactive farms would like to contribute to this process we would be happy to hear from you. We are looking to set up templates for the following industries. Note: This is a starting point and we would welcome other industry recommendations.

  • Sheep & Beef
  • Pig
  • Horticulture
  • Viticulture
  • Aquaculture
  • Poultry

Partner Opportunities

We are also seeking input from third parties who provide services to primary industries such as H&S advisors, farm management advisors, feed and pasture care, contractors and anyone else who could provide additional value to their clients by applying their knowledge, advice and recommendations directly into JobDone for their clients to act upon. That way they can directly see the results of their advice being applied and provide timely updates.

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