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Easy to use mobile solution keeps farmer and workers connected…

Faced with the difficulty of maintaining oversight on his farm when business took him away from the property, farmer Greg McCracken joined the team of early adopters trialling JobDone. This complete farm management solution equips managers and every team member with a smartphone-based system to take complete control of operations, providing records of work to be done, immediate access to health and safety requirements, and ‘JobDone’ confirmation after completion of every task.

A dairy farmer in Wellsford, north of Auckland, Greg McCracken has a herd of some 700 cows. Deeply involved in the local community, McCracken is an elected member of the Fonterra Shareholders’ Council for the Southern Northland area and is the chairman of the Lower North Partner Farm. He holds a variety of community and dairy-related positions including chairman of the Wellsford Vet Club, chairman of the Tomarata School and has been involved as a judge in dairy industry awards.


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