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You've got an efficient track record of day-to-day tasks, so then you can shift into analysing data and making sound decisions. It’s quite neat and I signed up the day after it came out.’
Alastair Neville is a young farmer doing all he can to add value to the Reporoa farm developed and farmed by his grandfather then father. And the 28-year-old is making every use of new technology to help him that he possibly can, seeing that precision farming innovations can lead to some easy gains by cutting expenses and increasing efficiency.

"I've always been interested in new technology," he said.

"Agriculture and technology are in quite an exciting space at present. There are a lot of things on the horizon in the way of further time-saving tools."

Alastair’s initial motivation was to find a way to make technology work in their family business which, like many farm enterprises, is "seriously time poor".

Just one area is the reduction of operator error through more accurate placement of fertiliser and seed by using Tracmap, he told the MobileTech Conference in Rotorua in March.


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