My name is Nigel Taylor and I'm a 4th generation Dairy Farmer from Rongotea, Manawatu and I know first-hand that success on farm begins with the people on it. JobDone will reinvent how farmers organise their people, share knowledge, and ultimately provide farmers with data to optimise their workforce and operations.


A born and bred farmer with milk running through his veins, I've seen our family business grow from 200 cows: just mum, dad and me. We knew every aspect of the operation, back then I was even milking every cow!!

Fast forward: multiple farms, 1000 cows and growing, 6 full time staff and 2-part time. The wage bill is now the biggest cost to the business. The growth of our farm has exceeded the capability of our current people tools and processes. No longer are whiteboards, the back of an envelope and a she'll be right attitude able to cut the mustard.

I was feeling the pressure of being time poor. Constantly feeling the need to check that tasks have been completed, costing me hours each day and leaving me little time for my own role. I was also struggling to prove that we are compliant with ever increasing legislation, not a nice feeling, and one of the main things that kept me up at night.

I didn't have the tools to measure, track or manage my people and their tasks. As a result, issues escalated, minor problems become major, expectations we're poorly documented and staff performance was not up to scratch. This was costing my business immensely...financially... and increasing the workload and turnover of my staff.


There wasn't a single solution that would effectively manage these challenges so I talked to other farmers, 100 farmers in fact from different sizes and types of farming operations and found we all shared similar challenges.

I joined the Icehouse business mentor program and with their guidance was able to put together a plan and design a solution. I pitched the idea at the Fonterra Activate challenge and won. From there we assembled a crack team to build the solution and business structure.

Dale Smith and his team from JAVLN: With a twelve year history building and supporting productivity solutions for large corporations, they had the perfect platform and team to develop the technology.

Don & Glen Forgie from Tui Products: Bring their vast experience building profitable businesses with a strong focus in brand management and rural products.

Simon Gillson heads the JobDone team and brings a wealth of experience leading large IT teams & projects. He ensures the continued development and support of JobDone exceeds our farmers expectations.


We've spent more than a year prototyping, developing, testing and trialling the solution with farmers to ensure that it will meet your current and future needs. JobDone is cloud based farm management solution that works on smartphones, tablets & PC's and its a tool the whole team can use. It tackles on farm issues such as Health & Safety, Staff Management, Work Planning & Scheduling, Time-sheets, Communication, Collaboration and Compliance. If you are managing multiple large farms or a small holding JobDone is for you. Farmers wanted one tool capable of delivering real productivity gains whilst solving current challenges and we've done it. You can try it for free for a whole month, it's the last software solution you'll need for the farm.

We have a large roadmap of new features coming and we are continually adding capability as we get suggestions from our clients. We are currently developing GPS location services and text alerts which will provide a large variety of on farm benefits. If you spot a new hazard or there is an incident on the farm just take a photo and post a notice, it will display on a map and text anyone who needs to know about it immediately.

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